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Art & Craft Workshops

Relaxing weekend and afterwork activity. Enjoy a glass of wine while creating amazing hand made things. Meet new people and explore art and craft techniques, tools and materials! 

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Iryna Barto. I am a graphic designer and currently work on creating designs for Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toys :)
For the last 3 years, I've been running Art & Craft workshops in London. 

My art journey started when I was a little child, as my grandma was an art teacher in a primary school, I always had access to different paints, craft tools, and art books. I was constantly drawing, sculpting, embroidering, creating toys, clothes, accessories, etc. This was my way to explore the world and express myself. ​

Back in Ukraine, I had my own Gift shop where I sold my creations, and I also took part in many markets and exhibitions. My biggest project so far is a ball jointed dolls collection, which I even exhibited in a market at the Victoria and Abert Museum of Childhood.


My goal is to share the joy of crafting and creating beautiful things, so everyone can experience the excitement of saying “No, I haven’t bought it, I made it myself!”

Available classes

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Christmas bauble


Velvet Fruits

Kids version available


Easter Faberge Egg

Kids version available


Real Flower Earrings


Real Orchid Jewellery

Kids version available

Past workshops

Total classes to date: 25


“Iryna offers really awesome craft classes! Everything is done with great care and warmth. The choice of materials is incredible, your flight of fantasy wont be limited, you can make anything. Even if you're all thumbs, you will still create something beautiful! I recommend it from the bottom of my heart."

My online shop

Check my Etsy shop and find a perfect gift to yourself or your loved ones.

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