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Terms and Conditions


We will be working chemical glues, resins, varnishes, paints and all sorts of art and craft materials. Please, warn me in advance if you have any known allergies for the chemical components or food.
We will be working with sharp metal tools, such as knives, razors, scissors, needles, etc., so please be extra carefull to avoid injuries and accidents.

Be adviced, that all injuries caused by you to yourself or any other guests on my workshops will fully fall under your own responsibility. By attending my workshop you agree to assume any risk that is associated with it and will not claim any compensation for personal injuries, attorney fees, property damage that might occur. I maintain the right to refuse your participation for any reason.

This workshop is not suitable for kids, so +18 only. Kids 16 years old or older can attend with their parents or a guardian.


To make my workshops more enjoyable I do a lot of preparations behind the scenes. I will always do my best to refund the prepaid amount if you decide not to attend for any reason, but I will have to keep some of the money to cover my expences for the wasted materials . So if you cancel less than 7 days in advance, I will keep the deposit, and it will be different to every workshop.
If your ticket will be sold to somebody else, I will gladly refund the full amount to you. :)

If you are late for more that 15 min you are losing the right to attend the course, no money will be refunded. 

Updated: 12 Dec 2022

Prepared by Iryna Shchetynina

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