Saratoga Pop-up business cards 

Welcome, Geoff!

This is the samples of Pop-up business cards I made for you.
Please, don't mind the paper and colours, I printed samples at home

on my old printer, only layout matters now. I created a woody pattern to add some texture on the background, what do you think about it?

I personally love all 3 designs, they all have their pros and cons, so I leave the hard decision to you :D


P.S.: Please, excuse my manicure, we are in a lockdown, all beauty salons

in London are closed :'(

Layout 1

I used this layout to make my own business cards. The flat logo moves from the cover to the inside of the card, creating a company logo display, that can be placed on a desk, exhibition stand or in shop shelving cabinets. 

It is the most flat business card when folded, so you can easily carry more cards in your wallet.

The belt with the oak leaf actually compliment the design very well, this belt is needed so you can place the card in the wallet pocket without damaging the card, the belt can be then disposed. 

Layout 2

Next is a very simple and modern design with a  logo fitted in a hexagon shape. I can round the shape on the top of the logo, but bottom needs to be angled - this allows the logo to move up an down when you open the card. The logo has a scoring line in the middle, so it might be visually distorted.  

The belt is quite wide, so it covers address on the back - I will prepare the layout to have that covered part printed on the belt.  

Layout 3

This layout is called "The book" because when you open the card, the logo "opens" as it is  book pages, or butterfly wings. This is a beautiful design, it makes the oak tree feels dimensional.

I bet, no one will be able to throw it away.  

It is quite thick to keep in a wallet, the thickest of them all, and sometimes the logo doesn't open properly (especially when kept folded for a long time) and needs to be fixed manually. Very impressive though to display the logo. 


This is to show all 3 designs and how thick they are compared to each other. 
First 2 cards - Layout 1
Second 2 cards - Layout 2

Third card - Layout 3