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Come to enjoy this one of a kind crafting class! On this very special workshop we will be making those gorgeous fruits in Japanese Kimekomi technique, that dates back to the 18th century, but also has a contemporary modern twist. We will be using a variety of fabrics of a different type, colour and texture, like velvets, silks, metallic fabrics, as well as beads, rhinestones, gemstones, sequence and lots more.



Enjoy a bottomless wine and spend a social evening creating something of a satisfying beauty!



We will be making a fig or a pomegranate on the day, and grapes is something you can  make in the comfort of your home, under a warm blanket and watching your favourite movie! I will have a bag with carefully selected materials and a lifetime access to my exclusive video tutorial for just £15 (can be purchased on the day)



Have a truly unforgettable experience, meet new inspiring people and make something, that you will proudly present as: “No, I didn’t buy it, I made it with my own hands!”

Velvet fruits + bottomless wine

  • 3h - 3,5h


Will be added soon...

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