Law Group Albion

is a notary office that is based in Ukraine, but also has a branch in London. The company provides legal representation services and assistance with taxes and audits. The company slogan is "Specific solutions in a foggy legislation".


The newly opened company needed a flat and "serious" logo, that could easily be associated with the company location. The company also needed a business stationery design.


I created a strong and neat, but at the same time bright, logotype with a deep meaning. The colours used in the logo design make it easy to apply – both the, black-and-white and single colour versions. Brand identity is supported by the stationery design.

Logo meaning

Rejected logo designs

Logo sketches

As a bonus I added another concept of the logo in a modern and sharp slyle with no crown, but with a Libra. This logo can be used worldwide as it is not associated with the UK.