Gaming Party Bus

London based company that provides impressive-looking vans and buses with game-consoles on board to rent out for parties, events and promotions.


The company needed a unique interior and exterior design for their first gaming bus.  It was necessary to create something novel, that has never been seen before, and implement modern technical innovations and show effects. 


I worked on three different vehicles for this client.

I made a design concept, interior and exterior sketches,

and supervised the production process.

Each vehicle has its own set of game equipment

and impressive visual, sound and technical features.

The vehicles attract attention on the road with their exterior design, promoting the company on the move, even in the dark.


Elite truck

""Elite truck" was based on a Citroen Jumper van with a custom body. I tried to "break" the original vehicle shape with diagonal lines and high contrast colours so it won't look so flat and basic.

My intention was to create an alien spaceship, so as a reference I mainly used fantasy movies and anime. The interior combines a futuristic look with unique features, such as a window with a 3D space view, laser-cut control panel, floor panels with an infinity mirror effect and a laser-show projector. 

Design Process

The design process began with measuring the vehicle, both from the outside and inside. Due to a wide base (same as the London double-decker buses), it was not possible to build 3D elements on the sides, as it wouldn’t be possible to drive the bus in the UK, so I needed to make the design as flat as possible.

On the other hand, there was plenty of space inside the bus, so I could create a custom shape console table, a custom sofa and separate the racing area with custom build dividers.

Design Process

The design process started with getting a 3D model of the Iveco daily van, so I could have the base shape with the exact measurements to create a design layout. I suggested the use of liquid tiles for the floor, pre-made 3D wall panels and that we buy a ready-made sofa. This allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of production and facilitate future repair of parts.


Galaxy Van

The "Galaxy Van" was created to be sold as a franchise business, so it needed to be easy to produce and easy to fix, yet have a mind-blowing design.  It is based on an Iveco Daily van, with the maximum height and length configuration.

Design Process

The design process started by researching of the competitors on the market, however, there were not many of them at a time, so even the most daring ideas were considered as possible. The bus has a multi-dimensional ceiling inside, a neon-light interior, liquid tiles covering the floor, 3D panels outside, reflective vinyl and even a smoke generator. 


Mega Bus

The "Mega Bus" was the first bus I designed for this client back in 2015. I needed to create something exceptional that the world has never seen. I used the "Transformers" and "Tron" movies as my inspiration and the bus turned out to be bright, catchy and unique.