Fiona House 

is a trademark, that belongs to Dominence Ltd. The company produces ceramic goods in Ukraine and then exports them all over the Europe. The advantages of this brand are the eco-friendly porcelain clay used, that is hand-painted and packed. 


The company needed to create a product catalogue design so that sales managers, who are based in different European countries, could send them to local businesses and shops. 


I convinced the client of the necessity of a brand book, so sales managers can complete the commercial offer with business cards, stylish e-mail signatures and support the brand growth and recognition. I also offered to take new, beautiful pictures in my friend's Hotel "Felisa" in Kharkov. The finished catalogue was printed in A5 size, with 1500 copies printed to date.

Brand Guidelines

Since the brand book is supposed to be used by sales managers, I created very simple and emphatic guidelines, meaning that there are rules on how to use the logo and when and how to use the various colours and fonts. I also included templates of business cards, letterheads and envelopes.


I created a clean and simple layout where each page spread represents a group of related products next to an interior photo. The brochure is supposed to be sent to small businesses and shop owners, so I kept the product information simple - size and product code only.

Catalogue pages

Catalogue Photos

I took photos in different hotel rooms to find the best background for each particular product. That was a new experience for me and I found it to be really fun. 

The product pictures were taken in a photo studio so I could play with light directions to highlight the most interesting parts of the products.