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Pop-up business cards

This is my self-initiated project.

I realised, that 9 out of 10 business cards end up in a rubbish bin,

and I wanted to change that by coming up with a unique design

that will stand out. Each card is completely hand made.

I've created several different layouts for various needs.

Layout 1

This is my favourite layout, inspired by a pop-up book by Benjamin Lacombe.  The butterfly wings are folded inside the card and open up with a spin, revealing its surprisingly large measures.  This business card is the most difficult to assemble because each card has 9 separate parts.

​It can be used by fashion designers, wedding companies, beauty salons, luxury skincare brands etc. 

Layout 2

This layout is called "The book" because when you open the folded part, the book pages, or butterfly wings, open as well. I used different designs to showcase this layout in an optimal way.

The book inside can be a company logo, or just a random object that supports the company nature. The only condition is that it has to be symmetrical. 

Layout 3

I used this layout to make my own business cards. The flat logo moves from the cover to the inside of the card, creating a company logo display, that can be placed on a desk, exhibition stand or in shop shelving cabinets. 

​This design can be used by any company due to its simple and adjustable layout.

Layout 4

Next is a very simple and modern design for companies with a hexagon shape logo (or a logo that can be fitted in a hexagon). Similarly to the previous one, this card can also be placed on a desk as a logo display. It is easy to make and consists of only one part.

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